Finview is an AI & ML driven platform to manage all aspects of your personal finance seamlessly by learning digital footprints of your transactions
Personal Expense Tracking
Finview tracks all your expenditure on the go, that also 100% automatically, so that you can easily track how much you are spending and where?
Multiple Accounts
Single Platform
No more hassle of switching between multiple websites/apps to manage your accounts. Finview consolidate it all at one place.
Never pay late fee again
FinView automatically track all your upcoming dues and assist you in paying them on time to avoid unnecessary late fee charges.
Digital Cheque Management
Manage all your issued cheques digitally through Finview smart cheque manager.
Notify Important Transactions
With FinView fully personalized transaction notifier never miss an important transaction you want to track
100% Automated
FinView uses latest innovations in AI and ML to assist you in managing all your personal finance completely automated.


Top Features

Top Features


How it works

Our products are fully custom-made, built with the latest technologies and cloud-architectures.

“When you sign up for FinView it tracks all your expenses by reading transaction SMS from your phone. With its advance AI algorithms FinView process these transactions to extract relevant information and present in most user-friendly experience. Once installed all further messages of customer are tracked and processed by the application on the go.”

App Process Flow

Key Features

Track Expenses

Track your Expenses

Know how much you have spend this year/month with click of a button. All you expenses are tracked automatically by FinView.

Expense Categories

Categorize Your Expenses

See your expenses automatically getting categorized in key categories like Grocery, Food, Health etc.

Bill Reminders

Bill Reminders

FinView reminds you to pay your bills (credit card / Mobile / Landline) on time. Never pay Late Fee again.

Manage Cards and Accounts

Manage All Accounts & Cards

See all your accounts and cards transactions in a single app without hassle of multiple app and logins.

AI Driven

AI Driven

FinView uses advance AI technology to enable you manage your personal finances more efficiently on the go.

Completely Secure

Completely Secure

With advance multi key encryption technology FinView keeps all your data completely safe and secure

Multi Currency Support

Multi-Currency Support

FinView also tracks expenses by your UAE bank/card account in other currencies. Don’t miss tracking expenses outside UAE.

For UAE Market

Built for UAE market

With support for all major Banks, Credit Cards and Utility companies in UAE, FinView is made for local market.

More to Come

More to Come

We are constantly improving FinView based on your feedback and market studies. We will keep adding new features very relevant for local market.

AI Inside


AI & ML driven Technology

FinView uses latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to understand and translate information available in user SMS. This enables the platform to process most important information about a customer personal finance with complete automation



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We are a team of techo-enthusiastic with deep roots in middle-east finance industry. This helps us to understand unique requirement and challenges faced by UAE’s customers in managing their day to day finances. We are on a mission to assist our customers to more efficiently manage their personal finances through use of latest innovation in AI/ML technology. We have just started and will learn in this journey to provide more and more beneficial & innovative features to our customers.


One app for all your banks and cards. FinView re-imagines your SMS inbox, and surfaces important information about spends, bills and tickets automatically, helping you make sense of where your money goes.

You can change category of a transaction by pressing edit sign in front of the transaction. Here you can change the category in which the transaction is categorized automatically. You can also change the category of ATM withdrawals.

At times, the bank may not send an SMS for a transaction or you may not receive it due to poor network/on roaming etc. You can add such spends manually by tapping the “+” button on the home screen.

For managing spends, balances and bill reminders, FinView only looks at messages from businesses like Banks, Merchants, etc. It ignores OTPs and does not read your personal messages, i.e. anything coming from a mobile number

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